The obvious choice is seldom the most interesting. That’s the credo of James, a synonym for the versatile, modern woman. James strives for an atypical melange of labels with an understated feminine look. Always elegant, never overdone.

Say a match made in sartorial heaven. The store resonates with women of all ages for its expertly crafted pieces imbued with a cool edge, resulting in an unexpected selection of exquisite brands.

With a degree in architecture, Sabine Van Praet accumulates a passion for interior and design. Every object and material has been carefully picked to create the right atmosphere. The interior is consciously kept timeless and sober and is complimentary to the array of clothes, accessories and cosmetics on display.

Things you’ll learn from shopping at James: founder Sabine Van Praet is a perfectionist. Everything she’s involved in, must meet her meticulous standards. If it’s good enough for James, it surely will be good enough for you. At James you can choose to have a complete personal styling experience. Many years of experience in the fashion industry have lead Sabine Van Praet to be an expert at mixing brands into effortless silhouettes. Whether James is your starting point or the final touch, seamlessly the styling team will create a refreshing and surprising silhouette, true to the nature of each client.